PRODUCT description

Engineered Veneer Wood Panel uses wood that has been subjected to manufacturing processes. Engineered veneer often called many things such as engineered, reconstituted, reconstructed, recomposed, man-made, manufactured or composite wood. Essentially, real wood has been taken in strand, particle or fiber form and mixed with adhesives to create a composite wood material. So the end product still contains real wood but it has other materials “mixed in”.

Reconstructed veneers are sometimes the only option when a scarce species cannot be sourced for a natural veneer. The colour and feel of a precious timber can be replicated by a reconstructed veneer. Equipped with our high quality wood panel,  Plyplex® and Soliplex®.


  1. Good-looking Wood Grain
  2. Natural Wood Texture & Wood Grain
  3. Equipped with Plyplex® & Soliplex®


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Available Pattern & Color

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